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You can memorize Quran online conveniently with our certified Quran teachers. Memorizing the Holy Quran is a desire of every Muslim, but because of the busy routine, and irregularity together with the least amount of guidance, most of our fellow Muslim members are unable to complete this goal. Instead it gets difficult for them to complete the entire Quran memorization plan. Learn Quran online academy knows the necessity of the Holy Quran memorization and gives online classes to memorize the Holy Quran online from the ease of your home.

We at Learn Quran online academy have created this course of memorizing Quran for the Muslim community members who have great enthusiasm and interest in memorizing the Quran. We give an excellent yet adaptable schedule with a highly simple and convenient training for memorizing the Holy Quran with instructions from our certified online Quran tutors.

You can learn the Quran conveniently at your home assuming you complete your lessons with a high amount of productivity while being attentive. You can complete your lessons from any location and at any time with your laptop and tablet.

Online Quran Memorization Methodology

Every session of this is divided into the following three parts

Sabaq (New Lesson)

The term Sabaq refers to the new lesson in which you learn about how to memorize the Quran. In Sabaq the tutor recites a couple of verses from the Holy Quran and the student starts practicing to memorize them with accurate pronunciation first. Then they continuously repeat the learning process many times to memorize them. The Quran tutors will also educate you in memorizing your lesson throughout your learning time frame and after your lesson in the Quran class. The student must completely memorize this lesson before the next online class starts.

Sabaqi (Revision)

Sabaqi implies revising the previous chapters of the same juzz, that the student has been memorizing in the latest classes. The student will recite loudly and the tutor will listen to them. All students have to recite Sabaqi lessons in every class after the latest lesson, to make sure they have memorized the previous lessons completely.

Manzil (Revision)

Manzil implies the revision of random juzz, that the student has committed to memory, already. With this way the student can understand how to memorize the Quran. In every class, the student will recite at minimum the half juzz loudly and the tutor will listen to them. It makes the student and teacher satisfied and assured that they are memorizing the Quran in the best possible way, without forgetting the past lessons.

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